Association of McKenzie Friends is looking for Barristers

This video was recorded at our meeting on 6th September 2012. Steve had travelled from Lincolnshire  and I’m glad that the outcome is a Steering Group for the Association of Mckenzie Friends that Belinda McKenzie and I co-founded out of the needs of the moment.

The Association grew from ‘victims turned starfighters’ with reports about ‘cases and stories’ – as one-page summaries or on video – on

Our online remedy, so far, is the





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WANTED: Barristers for Victims of White Collar Crimes

We need barristers who have a heart for victims and a mind for the fact that “respectable” institutions and professions are NOT abiding by the Rule of Law.

That may imply ‘no win no fee’ arrangements.

That may imply listening to the experiences of litigants in person who have been labelled to be ‘vexatious’ and who have learned by experience rather than by studying.

And it would be good if they were to read, review and advise us:

Who will be the first to help?


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